Mayfair Secrets Revealed

The Mayfair Hotel opened on 29 January 2015 to much acclaim. Its high standard of service, style and sophistication wrapped in a boutique style property in the heart of the CBD was something Adelaide had lacked for a long time. The size of the hotel also enabled it to feel like a home away from home (albeit a fairly luxurious one). For its regular guests staff come to know their personal likes and dislikes to ensure a relaxing, comfortable and unforgettable experience is delivered each and every time.

A lot of care, thought and detail went into the making of the Mayfair. Here are 12 secrets revealed about the luxury Boutique Mayfair Hotel….

  1. The sheer comfort of the beds is one of the main features commented upon by guests. 30 Australian designed and made mattresses were tested (tough job!) before the Mayfair Luxury Mattress was specifically designed and patented.
  2. The Mayflower Restaurant’s rather unique painting played a large part in the entire look and feel of the hotel’s fine dining restaurant. Before development even began, the artwork was spotted in New York as a potential feature piece for the basement restaurant. The artist Cate Parr has also been commissioned by Godiva Belgium, Rita Ora for Adidas, St Regis Hotel, Dubai, Central Park Hotel, NYC and Rolling Stones Tour 2015.
  3. Two bee hives were introduced late 2015 by the Mayfair team and a local apiarist to the Mayfair rooftop housing thousands of Ligurian bees in a wonderful garden filled with flowers, a water source and white picket fence. The honey produced by the bees can be used in selective menu items, such as the Honey Trap Cocktail, Honey selection at the breakfast buffet, honey desserts and more.
  4. The eastern wall of the wine cellar in the Mayflower Restaurant is actually one of the original foundations of King William Street.
  5. Because the hotel is situated in the old Colonial Mutual building, the building and rooms still retain their unique shape so the wardrobes in each room had to be individually hand made by an Adelaide company to fit the available space.
  6. The sophisticated and stylish rooftop bar, HENNESSY opened in December 2015 and features a 2m tall Fiorentino modern chandelier featuring 500 crystals.
  7. The HENNESSY bar is named after the building’s original architect Jack Hennessy – and not the drink as many may believe.
  8. In keeping with its ‘nothing but the best’ ethos, guests wine and dine off Wedgwood crockery and Riedel and Waterford marque crystal glassware.
  9. The tiles in HENNESSY and public amenities were hand printed cement tiles from Turkey and the Middle-East in customised designs and colours.
  10. When visiting look closely at the doorknobs to the public bathrooms – each is a one off unique piece featuring an array of animals made from reclaimed brass by Melbourne artist Suzie Stanford. They were a surprise for builders when they arrived (they were expecting brass hands but loved the quirkiness of the animals so they stayed).
  11. Guests often comment on the scent in the hotel – it is unique to the hotel and was specially created drawing inspiration from Chanel.
  12. The entire concept of Mayfair Hotel project actually started 15 years ago.

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