Mayfair Secrets Revealed

A lot of care, thought and detail went into the making of the Mayfair. Here are 12 secrets revealed about the luxury Boutique Mayfair Hotel….

Hennessy Hits New Heights

The terrace features luxurious underfloor heating and tiled bar around the edge of the terrace, providing plenty of opportunity for admiring the city skyline, the new-look alfresco terrace makes HENNESSY the perfect year-round venue.

Busy Bees Deliver The Goods

The Mayfair’s is one of a select few pioneering luxury hotels worldwide to keep its own bees. The bees’ hive is surrounded by a white picket fence, water fountain and rooftop garden which acts as a windbreak, and their flight path takes in Government House and the Adelaide Botanic Garden.

New menu for Mayflower

An exquisite selection of hand-made Canapés and Chef’s Signature Share Dishes are exciting additions to the menu at the Mayflower Restaurant. Developed by Executive Chef and Tasting Australia ambassador Bethany Finn, drawing on her favourite global influences, the new dishes are a tribute to the restaurant’s continued focus on the golden era of hotel dining. …